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    I recently received a ClearTouch Screen Protector for the Treo 600 and have a question about application. The package states: DO NOT use cleaning agent for cleaning the screen before applying the protector - does this mean something like KlearScreen is not recommended?

    Right now my Treo has a bunch of dust and oil-ish matter (from face contact) that is making the dust stick... how can I remove all that gunk before applying ClearTouch? My original plan was to use a KlearScreen wipe

    This is my first protector - any advice?

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    Probably they're worried about some cleaners leaving a residue that would harm the plastic. If you use a little water on a nice soft eyeglass cloth, it should clean up well enough I would think. ISO alcohol would not leave any residue either, and would cut the oils. Alcohol is a pretty comon component in glass cleaners, and the note below from handspring condones using that...

    Please post on how it works out. I'm about to order a clearscreen too...

    How do I clean the screen of my handheld?

    Use a soft cloth; preferably a lint-free eyeglass cleaning cloth. Do not just use the tail of your shirt; as with any important viewing surface (eyeglasses, computer screens, lenses, etc.), the fibers in regular cloth can make microscopic scratches on the screen, which add up over time. Do not use a paper towel to clean the screen, or camera lens paper; both are too abrasive.

    You can very slightly moisten the cloth with a diluted window-cleaning solution (such as Windex or Klear Screen). Do not immerse your handheld in water, or spray the screen with any liquid; the electronics can be damaged if drops of moisture creep inside the case.
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    I guess I read it wrong... I contacted boxwave about it and this was their response:
    You can use KlearScreen to clean your Treo screen before applying the ClearTouch, but do not use any type of cleaning agent on the ClearTouch itself.

    The best way to clean the ClearTouch is rinse it under warm water and use a mild soap (not dish detergent). Once you're finished rinsing it, you want to go to place that is as dust-free as possible and dry the ClearTouch by flapping it up and down in your hand, like an old Polaroid photograph. You never want to leave the sticky side of the ClearTouch out for a prolonged period of time because it will catch unwanted dust.

    Once most of the water is off (a few specs of water here and there is OK), you can apply the ClearTouch to your PDA. You can repeat this process as necessary, as the adhesive film will not wear out from the rinsing and reapplication of the ClearTouch.
    So, I guess I misunderstood, however, the package does say:

    Step 1: Clean the PDA screen with dry cloth (attention: DO NOT use a cleaning agent).

    Sounds to me like I am not supposed to clean the TREO screen with a cleaning agent... whatever, I'll just use KlearScreen

    - leo
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    OK, here is another reply (I emailed them again, asking for claification because "Step 1" clearly says NOT to clean the PDA with any 'cleaning agents'):
    Klearscreen is fine because it is alcohol and ammonia free. Those two cleaning agents can be harmful to the adhesive film on the ClearTouch. Sorry for not being more specific about that fact earlier.
    Ahh... I feel better... that was the answer I was looking for . However, jojocat, this would make me think twice about using Iso alcohol... yes/no?

    - Leo
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    Hmm, well, alcohol evaporates to nothing, so I don't see how it would matter provided it's left to dry thoroughly, but if there's something that gets rid of the oil without it, all the better...

    Please post about the outcome. Does it detract for the look of the un-protected treo?
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    My screen was dirty having carried the T600 around for almost two weeks waiting for the Boxwave screen protectors to arrive and for my case (Nutshell No. 203)

    I used the Pre-Moistened Lens cloth for my eye classes that I bought at Pearle Vision. I lightly cleaned the screen and put the screen protector on top of it afte it tried.

    It worked perfectly. The boxwave screen protectors are the best!!
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    Originally posted by jojocat
    Please post about the outcome. Does it detract for the look of the un-protected treo?
    I just received mine today. I like the way it looks. I can barely tell it's on there except the glare is now gone. It was very easy to put on. The only complaint that I have is that if it gets lint or dust particles underneath it, it's annoying, but I like it so far. It looks like a quality product.
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    Is it good with the anti-glare?
    Does it make it look dull to you or less bright?

    I'm deciding on the Boxwave one and this one :

    I wonder if the UV reduction is true.
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    I'm very happy with the anti-glare properties - doesnt' seem to affect brightness for diddly. I had my treo replaced, and was struck by how reflective the screen was, after I had become used to mine w/ the protector. I have the boxwave one, and it was no problem to move it over to the new unit...
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    Thanks. I guess the anti-glare will be good for the eyes.

    I'm reading out posts now and is it true that a lot of ppl are having their speakerphones broken?
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    got mine today - it is truly awesome. I had, sadly, suffered a barely-there, hairline scratch, and now that is a gone pecan. Easy to put on, the anti-glare is good, and feels good also. Loving it.

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