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    I have a couple of questions about using my SD card...

    1) How do I delete items off it? I assumed I would go to delete off the main page, and switch to my card... but when I do this there is no info on my card there... it knows the card is in, and it knows how much space is being used, but there are no individual items (in this case mp3's)... anyone else have this prob? am i doing something wrong.

    2) I downloaded a ringer, its a midi file... how do i set it to be my ringer? again its on my sd card but i cant find it to play it... my card info icon on the 'desktop' just shows me how much room i am taking up, no other functionality... is this right?

    please help.
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    You need the services of a real file manager to see whats on your SD card. Try filez from It will allow you navigate and manage your SD card files.

    Otherwise, PocketTunes itself allows you to see and delete files from the SD card.

    Regarding MID files, this has been discussed many times here.

    Download the MID file directly from a web page - your own or where you got it from. I think you may also be able to mail it to yourself as an attached file in SnapperMail. When you click the URL or open the attachment the MID file is added to your Ringtone library. This is the only way to do it.

    On the MMS app on the GSM 600, you could also get it via MMS message.

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