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    hi, i'm new to this conference...

    this is going to be rather long - i just upgraded my phone to a PDA phone from the N400 simply because i wanted email paging.

    1) I've installed the trial snappermail, but how can i check the mail when the case is closed? In other words, how can i set it to check for messages when the cased is closed and it's in between times for checking for messages?

    2) I've downloaded and installed verichat. It seems to work, other times it doesnt. I have yahoo and AIM. when i launched it, it crashed wit ha fatal error and i had to restart the PDA. If i ran one or the other, it ran ok, but both, it would crash. Also, how can i make sure that these apps are running when the cover is closed, and how can i switch between apps?

    sorry, just new to using a pda and i've got a LOT of questions.

    and thirdly,

    Is there any way to set up a vanity name for my snappermail instead of having to use my account name? Perhaps setting up a sub account? My username is rather long, and i'd like ot keep it sweet and simple if i'm to give out my address to people.


    Hopefully, some of you people will respond with the info i need, or at least the links to the actual online pages where I can get the info.

    - Brian
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    Regarding #1, assign the app to a hard button. In Snapper's preferences, enable one button checking. Then when you want to check your mail, hit the snapper hard button once, and then again.
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    what about setting it up for one button checking using verichat?

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    I have had similar problems trying to get my email working. Sprint technical support is impossible. All I could get in assitance was a very hurried tech rep reading a manual outloud to me. I am tired of trying to figure this stuff out by myself. Where can I turn to get some real assistance in setting up email accounts on my Treo 600?
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    You can also set up snappermail to check automatically at set intervals and only on certain days during certain times. Go to 'Options' then choose 'Auto Delivery Prefs'. Click on the box to change the settings.

    As for Verichat, I have only used it for AOL, so the only thing I can suggest is to try another chat program which supports multiple sessions. I know there are at least a couple others available on either palmgear or handango.

    Good luck.

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