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    Can anyone recommend a checklist program that is compatible with the nav pad in the T600?

    I has previously used Checklist by Handmark and really love the program, but it does not take advantage of the 5-way nav pad.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Originally posted by Todd
    really love the program
    Really? So... what does it do that Todo List doesn't do? (There was a lot of "do" in that last sentence. Do do do do...)

    Seriously, no offense intented -- I'm just curious why you don't use the defualt application.

    ...Okay, I just checked this out myself (way to go, me!) and the Todo List application doesn't seem to let you check itmes off the list using the directional pad thinger. Other than that, it basically works alright. I guess.
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    The built in to do list is fine for me for routine to do's, and you can check off items via the keyboard. In any to do item use the control return button to check off an item.

    The reason I like Checklist sw, is to keep running lists of items I refer to regularly: books I want to read, DVD's to rent, cd's to buy, etc. I can set up an unlimited number of these lists versus the limited number of categories in To Do. Perhaps just a persoanl preference, but I've gotten so spoiled by sw that is compatible with the nav pad, that any programs that don't comply and cause me to use the stylus, just seem clumsy.
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    Why don't you guys checkout Natara's Bonsai outliner? According to the support page, version 2.8.1 now supports the Treo 600...
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    Just downloaded and tried out Bonsai.

    You are right it works great with the nav pad! Just what I was looking for.

    Thanks for the rec!
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    I've been using Bonsai for a bit now .. and while inside an outline, I'm not able to move between different items in the list?

    Am I doing something wrong or is there a setting that I need which I'm unaware of?

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    HandyShopper has something called One-Handed Mode that's supposed to be used without the stylus. HandyShopper is also free.

    I have no personal experience with that mode - I'm still pulling out the stylus for most PDA functions - bad habit that I haven't broken yet.
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    from handyshopper yahoo group:

    "Version 2.8a has been officially released at

    This version supports collapsible Graffiti areas on Palm OS 5.3 devices, Sony Clie devices, and the Palm Tungsten T3 (the T3 requires installation of a special OS patch in order for it to work). It also supports one-handed mode on the Palm Zire, Treo 600, and Kyocera 6035.

    For full details on what else is new, refer to the HISTORY.HTM file in the .zip download.

    // chris"

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