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    Bought a Sandisk 256mb sd card and successfully sync'd (slowly!)a couple of mp3's to it and played them with PTunes. All worked fine.

    Bought a Sandisk Imagemate Card reader - the type that reads different types of cards, as my camera uses CF cards and the Treo of course uses SD cards. Inserted my CF card and I viewed the pictures - no problem - worked fine. Inserted my SD card from the Treo and I could not get the reader to open up a folder. It seemed to recognize that a card was inserted but every time I'd try to open a folder it kept asking me to insert a disk.

    Finally, I tried reformating the SD card in the Treo. That worked! I am now able to open a folder and see the card. I dragged a bunch of mp3's to the card - much faster than syncing - and they all copied just fine. Placed the card back in the Treo and and was able to play the music in PTunes. The moral of the story - If you have trouble reading your SD card - format it in the Treo.

    I tried copying a couple of pictures from my PC onto the SD card - but I couldn't see them with the camera program on the treo - is there some way to fix that? Or do I need some other software?
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    It probably wasn't the formating. I've had problems with some card readers where you have to remove and reinsert the card several times to get it to seat properly. I've had the most problems with the Sandisk USB 1.1 card readers. Before you reformat a card try removing and re inserting it.
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    Thanks - a good tip. But, I had removed and reinserted about 10 times before giving up. Also tried unplugging from the usb port a couple of times. After the reformat, worked like a charm.
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    I had the same problem with my Sandisk 256MB card. I could hotsync to it and play from it but my IOGEAR card reader just would not work with it. Following your suggestion, I did a format through my Treo. That fixed the problem. I was able to download about 6 CDs into the card in just a few minutes. Hotsync would have taken several hours. Thanks for the tip!
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    I had purchased some off brand 6 in one from and this thing ruined my SD card... I had to reformt it in the Treo and then it was ok.

    It seems you need to be carefulw ith these readers.. Some of them just suck.

    I bought a multi card reader from CompUSA made by lexas although my card in Sandisk ... It works fune.

    Try that one if anyoen needs a reccomendation It works and also does MMC, Memory Sticks and CompactFlash and is small.

    In fact, with Windows XP you do NOT even need the installation CD.

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    I bought a 256 Sandisk card three days ago anf it sticks out of the Treo 600 too much. Several times a day I go to take my Treo out of my pocket and the card ejects or is already ejected. I'm afraid I'l going to loose my 256 card sometimes.

    The SanDisk card sticks out about 16 or 32 of an inch - plenty to make this troublesome.

    Has anyone else had this problem. If so I wonder if it's the disk or Treo anomoly on my unit or just the way all disks and Treos are?? What a BAD design flaw if all disks do this.

    I think about shaving down the edge of the disk but thought I'd ask this forum first in case I should take back the card...

    - K
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    I have used the card for mp3s and works great with ptunes. However,I tried loading a couple of apps and data to the card and while the install and filez shows that the .pdb files loaded and are on the card, the apps say that the data files cannot be found and when I look at prefs:info for the card they do not seem to be there.
    Any Ideas?

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