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    Now that I got my T600; I rather give my son my old T300 to use as a PDA. Problem is teachers get *****y when they see kids with cell phones, so I'm trying to make it look like a PDA. I tried to unscrew the antenna & it won't come off. Is there a better way, other than use a pair of pliers?
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    If your son is in middle school + and has signed his responsible user guide (friends son had to sign one of those) then it shouldnt be a problem. Cell phones have been allowed in school since the Columbine shooting. Students are only allowed to use the phone part in such emergencies, wireless web and PDA is allowed or at least it is according to the school district in my city...the only problem is that schools have sooo much lead (sprinkler systems) it interferes so much with the signal that it is hard to get reception.
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    Shouldnt this be in the 270 forum rather than the 600 forum?
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    Originally posted by thedealman
    Shouldnt this be in the 270 forum rather than the 600 forum?
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    Remove the antenna and get one of these...
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  6.    #6 it does unscrew...great! Actually I live in Miami & mi son has one of those MetroPCS Nokias, but you can't beat the T300 for PDA color use! The Nokia he keeps hidden x emergencies; the PDA hopefully he can use the calculator, plus have some fun.

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    Originally posted by snerdy

    You suck at the Forum Nazi-ing.


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