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    This is a general question concerning the new BETA release of Pocket Tunes. Once I setup a station and listen to streaming audio and decide to close out Ptunes. If I were to go back and listen to audio from Shoutcast I get an error "unable to play audio file". This occurs alot of times and I end up deleting the link and creating it again.

    Any ideas??

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    A soft reset should fix this until a new beta is released that addresses it
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    The developer is aware of this problem and is working on it. This will be an awesome app once complete. I'm already having retty good success with 128kb streams !!!
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    which 128 streams are you connecting to - beyond 32 hasn't given me great results yet...

    also wondering - does the buffering ability have to do with avail memory on the palm card, expansion card, both, neither? maybe if I remove some apps or put in a clean card it will help?

    how much avail memory (palm & expansion) do you have left?

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