Applies to all of us, but perhaps most to the new 600 users:

I know a lot of upity ups in sprint as well as a number of low level grunts (represented a few of them as well), and here is the story as i see it.

For the entry level phone-answering employee, sprint is just a horrible place to work, the employees just hate it for a number of reasons, from lousy co-workers, to tough supers, to a really unpleasant job (listening to folks like me ***** for things not their fault).

In any case, they have a huge turnover in the front line phone answering area. Sprint moble is constantly advertising for folks whereever they have a site.

Combine then the high turnover rate with the fact that sprint has literally hundeds of different phone/service/plan combos and there is a better than likely chance that you know a lot more about your phone that the person who answers.

Interestingly though, for those who stick it out and are promoted or are hired at a higher level, they tend to love working for sprint and hang around a long time.

Also, despite what anyone tells you, a supervisor can do practacally anything regarding your bill, usage, credits, upgrades and so forth.

So I always ask for a supervisor, sometimes takes a while, but they seem to enjoy their jobs more AND can actually help you IF they understand the problem. Even for them hard to keep up with all the phones and plans.

Ive had one super, after a couple of problems with a phone, credit my bill for a huge amount with him telling me to just go and buy a different phone i want since that will be quicker than sending it back again. Also just recently told to go out and buy a new car charger and sylus and after i get it they will credit my sprint account for what i paid since having trouble sending me replacements.

Also had one completly bypass the normal credit restrictions for a friend of mine, got two phones when she shouldnt have even had one (without their deposit plan).

So, in anycase, the reason they seem clueless is because often they are. That can work to your advantage because sometimes you can talk them into doing something they might not otherwise do, like an upgrade or a credit. But if you have real problems, get up to levels higher than the first phone answering person, you will be glad you did.