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    Does anybody know of a way on the Treo 600 to use, for example, four different "favorites" buttons to link to each of four different to-do lists? I know the default Palm to-do list allows you to create different categories, but I don't know of a way to access each category directly via a favorites button. If that's not possible, is it possible to install multiple instances of a to-do application (then link each to-do application to a different favorites button)?
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    doug try the new version of shadow (3.0) it will let you do just that - i've got a few different "lists" associated with favorites button - really cool how shadow does it too - it comes with a seperate little app that creates clickable apps out of each of your lists...
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    I tried Shadow, but (unless I'm missing something) it doesn't take advantage of the Treo 600's navigation pad.
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    for 5-way nav this thread recommends Bonsai

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