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    Is anyone willing to sell there Treo 300. Mine got shot to hell. I cant hear out of it.
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    I am but I can't until my 600 arrives in the mail which won't be for 2-3 weeks. My 300 is in prefect condition, never been dropped and still has the original blastic on the windows of the flip that came on the phone. I've only been with Sprint for 3 months and decided to waste more money to have the newest toy. PM me if you are interested.
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    Mine is two weeks old. In excellent condition. NO scratches or dings, etc. Also still has protective film. I could maybe also include LOTS of software extras. PM me or email me @ Take care!
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    I have a few 270's new unopened boxes and unlocked. Write me at:

    Will ship domestically and internationally.
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    I just received my 600. So I would be willing to sell my old Treo. I also have two cradles, Plantronics (sp) headset, original headshet, lots of extra software. Everything but the car charger.
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    i can sell you mine...but the lids broken.
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    2 wks New, 3 chargers, 2 usb, IR kbd, allCds/bks 225$ or trade
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    My Treo 300 is for sale. No scratches. Please contact me if you are interested.

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    My Treo 300 is also available for sale. I have a cradle, Case Techworks leather flip case with 3 lid covers and all the original Handspring documentation, including box. I just received my 600 and hate the thought of the 300 not being used by somebody since it was a great device for me. Email if you are interested at and let's get this T300 back in service!

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    i've got mine up for bid on ebay. it comes with a cradle, usb sync/charger, car charger, serial cable (for use with WirelessModem or older PCs), extra hands-free earpiece, etc. it has served me well, but i just got the 600.

    reserve is $149. thanks!
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    I also have a Treo 300 for sale with USB sync/charger, Case Techworks leather case with 3 flip covers and swivel clip, cradle, wall charger and hands free earpiece. I want $99 for it all. Treo 300 is 6 months old in good condition. If interested email me at or I will send it to Ebay.

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