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    Just got my Treo 600 (Sprint) and did not see any installed application for playing MP3 files. Is there an included app I am missing or do I need to go find something?

    I have a 20 GB iPod, so I doubt I will use it much. Still, might as well give it a try.
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    Included with your 600 is the installation CD. On that CD is a link to register with Handspring. Once you register, they will provide you (via email) with a link to download a game or PocketTunes (an MP3 player).

    It's not their full, super-duper deluxe version ... but it does OK.

    By the way ... remember that you need an expansion card (preferably SD) to play MP3s.

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    Is it a technical requirement to have an expansion card, or just a practical one? I mean, could you just put 1 or 2 songs in the TREO memory itself and listen to them, if that's what you wanted to do?
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    No, the player requires an expansion card.
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    Is that just PTunes that requires an SD card or is that a requirement for all mp3 players mmplayer - aeroplayer, etc?
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    no, you can use ptunes to play songs on the internal memory. it does open, then choose the internal memory in the upper right.
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    I see the part to tell PocketTunes to play from internal memory, but how do you transfer something there?

    I don't have an SD card yet and I want to check it out.

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