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    After reading on here that the 600 unlocked GSM is coming out on Monday I wanted to prepare for a few friends. They have GSM AT&T. Everyone on the board talks about T-Mobile, but not much talk about AT&T. Will this unlocked version work on AT&T?
    Voice and DATA?

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    I am 99% sure that it will all work. Voice for sure, data most likely.

    If you get an unlocked unit, just call them and they will get you going. Since they have been selling these things outside of the USA for a while now.. im sure that att is already supporting them (people roaming here).
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    THe data and voice will work. Don't rely on AT&T techs for help on setting up data though. Do a search under Treo 270 for AT&T data settings, and you will get all the settings you need.

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