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    How do I get the phone not to automatically answer when I take it out of the case? I guess any button will accept the call. Help would be appreciated.
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    I have this exact same problem. When I pull the phone out of the case it hits the side and answers the call. I have looked through all of the phone menus and prefs and cant find and any key answer enable/disable button.
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    you have to be careful to not touch the volume up/down buttons. this is a pain for me because I use my iPod case which is better but just a little tighter than the Treo.
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    Well you can disable the touchscreen in the Prefs under keyguard which will require you to use the Nav key to use. The only issue is when I have the phone in my BG case with the screen faced towards my body and pull the phone out, the center button gets hit and the call os answered. When I turn the screen outward, it works fine. This could be what is happening to you too. Looks like my Body Glove is not as perfect as I thought. I am worried about having the screen face outward in the case even though it is fully covered.
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    Go to System, Preferences, Keyguard. Enable the Auto Keyguard and make sure the the "incoming calls received" and "on a call" are NOT checked. This way when the phone rings and you pull it out of the case it won't answer the call. If you press the buttons on the side while removing it from the case, it silences the ringer but does not answer. You must hit the center button of the 5-way to unlock the keypad and hit "answer call" on the screen for it to answer. Prevents alot of dead air and folks hanging up on you.
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    calls can be answered by hitting the space bar. I could see this to be a problem when pulling the 600 out of a case. The center nav button doesn't stick out, so it doesn't get pressed. But the space bar can easily be pressed by just tilting the treo backward while pulling it out. I haven't found a fix yet except pulling it straight out.
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    so the slip case is a faulty design. does handspring's treo side case do the same?

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