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    I have recently obtained my Treo 600, and it is by far the best and most useful phone I have ever had. I use it for work purposes and almost all my work is done by email. I can now work from anywhere in the world I like

    However on several occasions, I have noticed that when I activate Keyguard and the screen turns off, calls will not register to the phone. I have tried calling the phone myself from another number and it just rings and rings without any response. As soon as I turn the screen on again and try ringing the phone it all works perfectly OK.

    When I do a soft reset, this no longer happens (for a while) until it starts doing it again.

    The only way I know is when people tell me they have "been trying my mobile for ages and i am not answering it", when all along I dont even know people are trying to ring me ,a dn just thinking i am unpopular

    Anyone else out there had this problem, it is really really irritating, and I dont know of a fix????

    I look forward to hearing from anyone with any suggestions
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    Never heard of this happening before. Have you installed a lot of applications on the Treo since you got it? Are any of the apps you are using from a Palm OS4 device? Sounds like a lot of issues that people have been having are due to incompatable software and are resolved once the software is removed from the device.
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    No I havent got any extra applications. I have only recently recevied my Treo 600 and still getting to grips with everything.

    I thought it may be to do with connecting to the internet or sending emails, and then not disconnecting from this properly?? but this doesnt make sense because if i ring the phone after using the internet and the screen is on then it works fine, it is just when i lock the phone and turn the screen off it doesnt register as a call coming in. It just rings and rings and rings, it is not even going striaght to answer phone like it would if wirelesee mode was switched off, and i do not get any missed calls registering
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    Hi Steve & Co

    yep I'm having the same problem, has it since day one. I recieve calls and they do not show on the screen or call log at all.

    Has anyone any ideas on this.

    Also the phone doesn't seem to recieve every text message that is sent to it.


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    Same problem here. What the ***?
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    Ok really interesting now, out of the xxxxx's thousand treo 600's that have been sold there are 3 out there that don't work fully all of the time!

    My Treo is on Orange how about you 2?


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    Actually, I had this problem 2 weeks ago with my first Treo 600, and it was a royal pain in the *** for me. But it didn't just *NOT* register calls altogether; it would pick up every so often.

    For instance, I ran a a series of 3 trials...basically, I called my phone 10 times in a row from a landline, to see if it would pick up.

    Trial 1: 4 out of 10 times it answered
    Trial 2: 4 out of 10 times it answered
    Trial 3: 3 out of 10 times it answered

    It also never answered on anything less than the third ring, which was bothersome. Needless to say, I took it back. My new one always picks up (leading me to believe there is some sort of issue there), but it still doesn't pick up until the second ring, although most of the time it waits 'til the third. This is obnoxious, and it may just have me sending my Treo packing.

    We'll see.
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    Originally posted by ian.everett
    I'm having the same problem, has it since day one. I recieve calls and they do not show on the screen or call log at all.

    I wonder if this is a Sprint problem. I'm having the same problem on my Sprint Kyocera 6035 Smartphone (in NYC) for the past few weeks.
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    What hardware revision is it? There's a 5 digit code you can type in at the phone screen to find out. Search the forum for the code.
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    I'm also missing calls randomly, say about 3 out of every 10. I only notice it, however, if someone leaves me a voicemail message (otherwise, I've no idea that someone has tried to reach me). I'm on hardware version B, if it matters at all.

    Has anyone actually talked to Sprint about this? Do we need to return our precious new toys for replacements? I've already made myself at home with the 600, but I guess a good hotsync with a new phone would restore everything I've installed, right? Or is there a better way to backup everything?

    I've seen several threads related to this issue, so I'm guess we're not alone on this.

    Brian Racherbaeumer
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    Hi Gents

    I would like to add my 2 pence here, my phone is on Orange and not Sprint so am I the only one with this problem on Orange?

    Also there is mention about this in other threads, could some one please provide a link so I can have a read of them.

    Then lastly the problem also appears with sending standard text messages.

    Any help and advice is appreciated.


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    I know that just turning off the screen doesn’t kill your data connection. If you have something like shoutcast paused or you're on a web site that has a something on it causing an auto refresh you'll never get a call. I've had to manually turn off my antenna to kill the data connection several times.
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    I'm on Sprint. Same problem. Not sure what to do.
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    THis happens to me occasionally as well. I have rev. B

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    I am a Sprint user and I have this issue as well. I am frequently notified that I have voice mail and it is clear that the phone did not ring since I had it on my desk right in front of me.

    I am convinced it is NOT becuase I'm using other data services which would block the incoming call.

    I originally suspected I simply wasn't hearing the (weak) ringer, but now I don't think that is the case.
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    Hello, i have had this problem, but i do a soft reset and all ok.

    try to reset your treo 600, maybe is ok.
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    This thread prompted me to check my T600 with Sprint. While the 600 is busy on a call, I called the 600 from a landline. The 600 did not ring and got message the line is busy and went to voicemail. Hung up and checked the call logs and there were no logs of the calls. I called Sprint and was told that the call waiting feature on my account is not activated. God knows how long it's been that way. Call waiting is a feature that comes standard with all plans. Why the hell was it not activated? Did Sprint pull this on anyone else here? I am really furious with Sprint since this is not the first time where I have received less than what I paid for. Am I entitled to some form of compensation?

    I have call waiting back now. More testing is in order to see if the call logs work.
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    I have noticed a few things, well one. When I turn the wireless off then back on, it recieves phones calls without a problem. I had a sms text message that was being sent from Orange last night which hadn't come throug but turning the wireless off and on and the text came straight through.

    Has anyone got any more news of this?


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    I had this also with my SprintPCS Sanyo 8100. So it's not a Treo600 problem. My guess is that it has something to do with reception; like your phone simple doesn't know it's being called! Then when reception is okay, the carrier "tells" it that is missed a call.

    What do you guys think of this explanation?

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    my husband has noted a marked difference in the number of calls that get through to me as compared to when I used a treo it sure seems like a treo 600 issue!
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