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    Hi Liam

    I removed "Big Clock" from my treo and that has seemed to cure the problem.

    Please let us know how you do.


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    I am on cingular and I am expriencing the exact same problem. If my screen is in sleep mode, calls will go straight to my voicemail.

    This happened about 1 month after I got my phone. I will do a soft reset but it sounds like it's not a permanent solution. Has anyone here gotten an answer back from PalmOne?
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    I've had this problem also (incoming calls go straight to VM). I have a treo 600 on AT&T (now cingular). It seemed to me that the problem was associated with verichat - but I don't have evidence for this. It seemed like it happened when I was logged into verichat, and I left it connected. Also - I'm not sure if its connected, but sometimes when I dial a number, I don't get any audio. A soft reset fixes the problems.
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    This is happening to me also now - will not receive calls when in sleep mode. Was a solution ever found ??????
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