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    There are several factors at work here. First, Sprint uses different frequencies for calls and the VM waiting signal, and the VM waiting signal has a lot more penetration. Thus on virtually all Sprint phones, even if your phone doesn't ring because you are out of range or have bad signal, you WILL get the VM signal. Second, all the sprint phones I've used are pretty finicky about the signal level required to receive a call, and they sometimes won't allow you to receive a call when you can still place a call. And the dificult part of this is that sometimes you can't tell on the other end. By this I mean that on other carriers, if you are out of range, an incoming call drops directly into VM and the caller doesn't hear it ringing. Not so on Sprint, at least all the time. I've had calls that ring a few times before dropping into VM even when my phone was turned off. FWFI, I've not yet had a call that resulted in a VM that wasn't in the log.

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    I am sorry to report that my issues with this seem to differ from several posts.

    I am convinced that calls being fed to VM are NOT showing up in my log.

    And, my call waiting is definitely turned on and works (at least when it rings through at all).

    Still a pretty big issue for an otherwise pretty cool phone...
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    Hi Guys

    Question for the people getting the fault

    1 Have you added any applications to your Treo?


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    Calls that go to voicemail will not show up in the log unless you explicitly ignore them.

    If you think about how the log works, this makes total sense. The log records phone calls that actually reach the handset. If you are underground or otherwise your handset is unreachable, there is no opportunity to record the call. Treo will only show the calls that actually rang on the Treo - it used caller ID to record the numbers etc.

    Are any of you on this thread using Business Connection? It's possible that the new version is leaving up the 1xRTT active connection too long by comparison to the old version 5.x client.

    Next time you do your call tests, watch the arrows on the wireless indicator to see if they are green when your call is ignored.
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    I've performed the test mentioned earlier (call 10 times and note which calls go through) 3 times, for a total of 30 calls.

    After performing these tests I have come to the conclusion that the calls are going to VM due to an active Vision connection. That is to say, the arrows are green. When the arrows are Gray I get the call.

    Just my .02 cents but, would appreciate any ideas on how to manually disconnect Vision as I fear it's eating up my battery life and sending calls directly to Voicemail.

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    I have the same problem. I received two calls yesterday for which my phone did not ring and they went straight to voicemail. There is also no record of these calls in the call log.
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    I've been having this problem since day 1. Has there been any resolution to it?
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    The Sprint 1xRTT data connection as implemented on the TREO 600 is pretty good. The connection seems to go "dormant" within 5-15 seconds after no data is being sent.

    So, the most important thing is to make sure that you are not actively running an app on the palm that is using TCP/IP.

    Some examples...

    1) If you are streaming audio -- calls will not come in.

    2) If Snapper Mail is actively sending / receiving -- calls will not come in.

    3) If you are downloading from with blazer, you will miss the call.

    On the other hand...

    1) If you are reading the CNN site a few minutes after the page loaded, the connection should go dormant and calls should work.

    Basically, when the arrows above the call indicator are green, calls will go to voicemail. When they are grey, calls should come in. Check out your own phone to see it's habbits when you are using it.

    As for GSM TREO's, they may be able to interrupt data sessions for phone calls. I'm not sure about that...

    Hope this helps...

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    Originally posted by ian.everett
    Ok really interesting now, out of the xxxxx's thousand treo 600's that have been sold there are 3 out there that don't work fully all of the time!

    My Treo is on Orange how about you 2?


    Not had this problem,and I have two Orange Treo 600s, but there is definitely a problem if you have more than about 4000 contacts in your address book and a 'No Caller ID' comes in.
    (EdIt: The fix/workaround for this is to use a 3rd party app like Beyond Contacts, Key Contacts or Key Suite from Chapura)

    Since no-one on Orange has mentioned this, it looks probable you got a faulty phone or live in an area where Orange is dodgy (like the UK ).
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    Hi Cyril

    I think, not sure the problem was caused by installing too many or not compataible apps. Once I removed them the problem went away.

    Hope that helps someone.


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    Which ones?
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    I can't remember its name as I have deleted it from everywhere, it was a free clock thing, that displayed a clock face when ever the phone was not being used for more than a couple of mins.

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    I have had the cingular treo 600 for 1 month on tmobiles network. No problems until 12/24 when it no longer receives calls. I tried a soft reset and it seems to work for a day, but then back to receiving no calls when screen is asleep. I called tmobile and they eventually patched me through to palmone, who said they will call me monday. It is very frusterating, as I receive no text messages and no phone calls.
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    I received my Treo 600 directly from Handspring 3 weeks ago. I migrated TDMA service from AT&T to the GSM/GPRS Treo successfully and was able to use the handset perfectly until 12/23. On 12/23, something happened that caused my number to no longer be active in AT&T system so I cannot receive any calls. Callers receive an "SJ22 -- The number you have reached is no longer in servce." recorded message. However, the odd thing is I can make calls, receive text messages, and surf the Web just fine! Has anyone had this problem before? AT&T has been working on the problem for 3 days now with no resolution in sight. It has something to do with "porting" which is usually something that happens when you do a LNP change. In my case, I was always with AT&T. It has been quite frustrating to say the least as I know I have missed some important calls. Callers cannot even leave a voicemail for me. If AT&T cannot fix this in the next 48 hours, I will be forced to change service providers and have AT&T buy back my Treo 600. --Brian
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    I too have had similar problems on the Sprint network. Unfortunately, it seems that one of us in this forum knows more that all of the techs collectively at Sprint. I have talked with several Tier 2 reps who have indicated that the data arrows should only "go green" perhaps once per hour. One rep thought that I may have a defective unit, but I have since replaced that model and the current one does the same as well.

    It seems that the incoming calls are arriving as the T600 is communicating with the data network. However, I have my email pushed to me rather than sync'd through the Business Connection, and am not utilizing the Web in the foreground or background so I don't know. . .

    Hopefully, a knowledgeable Sprint or Handspring engineer is monitoring our discussions and can offer a fix or at least some useful advice....

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    I am a Sprint PCS Treo 600 user and I can't count the number of times I've missed calls that never rang and never showed up in the call log. I am really curious to hear if there is a fix out there. Is it a matter of resetting everyday? UGH!
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    For all of you Sprint users having this problem, are you connected to Vision when this happens? If so, I'd be curious to know if you have the same problems when not connected to Vision.

    Interestingly, I used to be a Sprint customer for a number of years but left due to having this exact same problem - voice calls would not ring through, but would go straight to VM. I later determined (after switching to T-Mobile) that it was probably my phone at fault. I had a Samsung model that was notorious for having horrible RF performance. Frinds of mine who had Sprint service with Sanyo phones never had this problem.

    Anway, I switched back to Sprint a couple of weeks ago solely to get the Treo600. In the brief period of time I've had it, I haven't had any issues with missing calls. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
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    I had this problem until I did a firmware upgrade on my GSM treo. Don't know if it was the upgrade or the required hard reset.
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    I am an Orange user in the UK and I have just started having the same problems with not receiving calls. I performed a soft reset and that seemed to sort out the problem but who knows how long it is going to last. Does anyone have a solution - or even a cause. (Also: does anyone know of a programme that can peform a soft resent by tapping on an icon rather than fiddling with the reset button on the back of the Treo?)

    I am running DB5+, AOL and a couple of smaller programmes such as Hi-Launcher and Big Clock (but I can't imagine these would cause calls not to come through).

    The one thought I had (which I got from some other pages in the forum) is maybe it's got something to do with linking incoming calls to pictures. I'm clutching at straws here.

    Have phoned Orange and they have referred my problem to the tech help desk. Still waiting for a reply.

    Please help. I can't (as with all of you) afford to miss calls.

    Here's waiting for a solution, Liam
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    I've had my Treo 600 for a month and this problem just started.
    Thanks to this thread I've done a soft rest to get it working again, but I realize that's not a permanent solution.
    BYW I'm in Australia on Telstra network.
    I have Beyond Contacts, but have less than 1K records.
    The firmware is only 2.01, but I can't find where to update to a more recent version.
    I also have Docs to do, Inbox to go, Treo butler (to fix auto-answer when in case)

    Trying various settings to isolate the not answering incoming calls, I found that it's not associated with Keyguard, but is associated with the screen blanking. i.e I turned off Keyguard, let Treo go to sleep, called it and it didn't answer. Woke screen up, called again and it answered.

    Does anyone have any updated info on fixing this problem?
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