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    I am just sitting here listening to some MP3's using the external speaker (which is very cool and sounds pretty decent mind you)and pondering how easy it would be to blow that little baby!

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    It is possible to blow out the speaker, but under normal speaker volumes it should be fine.
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    But what is normal? Even at half volume some songs can make my speaker reverberate angrily...
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    Exactly...what is "normal" ?

    God help you if you enable the built in distorts like a fiend.
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    I accidentally used the feature either on Kinoa or Pocket tunes that trurned volume limiting off

    It totally made my speaker sound like hell fotr about 10 seconds until I got it off.

    Didnt do anything to harm the speaker though.

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    If you can blow the speaker any way on the unit then that would be a huge design flaw IMO. I hope that HS designed the speaker so that their is no way for the unit to blow the speaker. If they didn't then they should be ashamed.

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