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    Anyone consider starting up a local Treo Club in their city? I want to start one up in Chicago. Just need to know if others are interested. It does not need to be T600 specific....just anyone with a or old.

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    No replies......

    That answers that question....
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    Hi, join perhpas run, no, I already run a support group for fibromyalgia that is more than enough, I was at disney world yesterday, I live Near Orlando fl and have a resident pass am there often and saw/met someelse with a t600, 1st one besides mine, tgat I have notice in use. Take care, jay
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    I was on a webcam site the other day when my phone rang. "Is that a Treo?"asked the fellow I was talking to. Turns out he has one too, and doesn't live too far away. Anyone along the Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana Gulf Coast interested in a users' group....what the heck, gimme a shout. I can probably fit another hour or two into my month.
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    There has to be a fair number of users in the SF Bay Area, right?
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    What exactly would we do in the club? All look at each others phone?
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    My wife has fibromyalgia , do you have a website I can checkout?
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    I think we ought to start a support group for all the people completly freaking out about needing the GSM 600.

    "Hello, my name is **your name here**. And I'm a treoholic. Its been 4 minutes since I last refreshed the HS site and ...."
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    Originally posted by Magohn
    What exactly would we do in the club? All look at each others phone?
    I was wondering the same thing, lol
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    If you people are all serious, might want to check out lets you easily find and meet with other people for occasions just like this.

    Just thought I would mention it.
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    hi, right now I do not have a fibro site, I am not well enough to handle that. We have monthly meetings and I put together a 20 to 30 page newsletter dealing with, fibro, social secuity coverage for disabilty, medicare anmd rx issues. take care and I wish her well it can be a horrible disease and it can ruin your life it you let it, take care, jay
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    jeese this is pathetic!! if you do start a club you could all sit around in a circle and play with your...Treos!
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    dear randyg,
    btw where in lfa, I am just outside of orlando, take care, jay

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