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    My friend with a Sony/Ericsson P800 tried to send me a picture via MMS (we're both on orange in the UK)

    The treo600 errored with something like
    "attachment too large"

    I sent him a photo and he sent it back to me, so all the MMS works.

    Its looks like the p800 takes around 80k photos and the treo600 around 30k.

    Anyone else seen this problem

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    I spoke with a tech support guy at "handOne" that answered this for me:

    He explained that the Palm OS has a hard-coded limit on the size of a 'record' that the OS can handle. A 'record' can be a Note field in a Date Book event... a MIDI sound... or whatever. The limit for the Palm OS is set at 64k. When your device is "chunking" on the 80k image it is because the application has to treat it as a record and therefore can't deal when it is over the limit. If you can get your buddy to send you images sized at 64k or less it will work fine (no matter what phone you are using).

    Hope this helps. I don't know if this will help you out (because I don't know if the p800 can control how 'big' the images are). But I know that this worked for me when I was getting pics taken with my friend's Siemens SL55 and they were hosing my Treo 600.

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