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    I was on the phone extensively with Sprint today. During one of my many phone calls, I was offered a new voice and data plan.

    The plan I am on now is 500 anytime minutes w/ unlimited night and weekends. Under the old price structure, you pay $45, plus extra for vision.

    The new plan is the same, except unlimited vision is included FREE. Also, the nights start at 8:00 pm instead of the usual 9:00 pm!

    Before you ask, I do not know if this plan includes coast to coast roaming, or if it is a "local" plan. I was talking to Sprint on something completely different and I don't care about roaming, so it didn't matter to me at the time, but I will find out first thing in the morning.

    One thing is for sure. I specifically asked if this would extend my contract in any way, and I was told empatically NO. So there's no harm in giving it a shot. Bottom line, dial *2 and ask to see if there are any new, better plans that fit your needs.

    Isn't wireless number portability great?
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    I'll have to get on the horn. Thanks for the pointer.
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    I am talking to Sprint right now. The free vision is only for 2 months. After that it's an extra $15 per month for unlimited vision.

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