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    I own a silver, unbranded GSM Treo 600 since monday, having some problems with GPRS data connections.

    I installed some programs, like Snappermail, WebPro3, HandRSS, Avantgo.

    I noticed the following problems now:
    though the GPRS/data signal is shown, it seems the Treo lost the GPRS connection, I canīt fetch/send mail browse the web and anything else which needs a data connection. The error message is "could not open network library". I have to reset the Treo to get it to work again.

    Someone here having the same problems? I canīt find the reason.

    Additional, AvantGo looks worse on the Treo. In the main window, only the left half of the display is used, though content is shown correct??!!

    Thanks for a feedback.

    Oh, I forgot:
    I am using Verichat, works with GPRS but shows some strange behaviour:
    Everything is grey, no colors available. E'icons are grey too and not been shown when sent.
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