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    Originally posted by huberthammer
    Does anybody know a good freeware application that let's you record streamcast into ogg files? Looking to record some internet radio shows and then listen on the T600.

    Took about three seconds to find on

    StreamRipper (for Windows)

    The dev site

    You can get a plug-in for Winamp as well

    If you don't like StreamRipper you can go to and get something else, there are a lot.

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    Cheers - Streamripper rocks.
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    Has anyone has an issue with .ogg files crashing P-Tunes. I am not sure if it is the encoder I used or an SD problem. The two symtoms I get are the song stops playing and I get an error message - or - my Treo 600 GSM just soft resets in the middle of a song.

    Any help would be great.


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    This thread has been great. I listen to .mp3's using my Treo 600 hooked to my car stereo. I love the idea of getting more out of my (2) 256MB SD cards.
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    Moved my MP3s to ogg via MediaJukebox (without going back to source, as these are MP3s sitting on a work PC) and via treo, playback is still nice (most were 128 or 196 to start with).

    Still re-encoding most, so don't know space savings yet, process can take some time...

    EDIT: 70 files went from 280MB down to 145MB! woo-hoo!
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