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    i never decrease my ringer's volume, and dont see a need to. i do use the side buttons for call volume.... is there a possiblilty to remap the side buttons to also double as UP/DOWN in regular use? any programs already able to do so, or can one of the developers do a quick (hopefully) hack?
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    I don't mind that they're dedicated buttons so that you can always control the volume regardless of what application you're currently using. The 5-way navigator is more than adequate for the current application.
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    Anyone encounter the problem with the volume side keys killing the phone ringer when you hit either up or down? And when you try increasing the volume, hitting up button does nothing. Any fix?
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    Rt1here- Use TeroGuard by Geekware to ignor that.
    Image. TreoBultler, now call Bulter from Hobbiestsoftware and take care of your needs. also you can use them for pocket tunes too, to adjust the volume when PT plays in the background.
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    Burkhardi, gracias for the info. I already have both these programs... Question: How do I set one or the other to get Treo vol buttons to work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by write1here
    Burkhardi, gracias for the info. I already have both these programs... Question: How do I set one or the other to get Treo vol buttons to work?
    Where in Pocket Tunes?
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    In Pocket Tunes the side volume buttons work fine. However, they do not work correctly when a phone call comes in. The problem is that whether I use Pocket Tunes to play an MP3 as a ringer through Callfilter or turn CallFilter off and use the normal Treo midi ringers, the side volume buttons cause the sound to complete cut out on one press (either up or down button) and then I cannot get the ringer back again no matter how many times I hit the side buttons (up or down). The phone is still on, the ringer is just off. When a new call comes in the whole process starts again. I can hear the phone ringing normally but when I press a side volume button it cuts out immediately. Perhaps some other program has taken over the side volume buttons when in phone but damned if I know.
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    So you want to be able to turn the ringer volume down, while it's ringing? I know in the OE (normal) form, hitting the volume key while it rings will mute the ringer. TreoGuard and make it were it will ignor that, but you still will not be able to adjust the ring volume, while it's ringing. You can also go one step more and then assign a function to the volume keys with TreoGuard too, then to adjust the volume, you have to hold the 'option/ key on the keyboard.
    Give me some more insight please, thanks,matt
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    Indeed, Matt...that is precisely what I want to do: Lower the ringer volume when a call comes in using the side volume buttons. I use CallFilter so I guess these buttons would be controlling Ptunes. Any way I can do this?
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