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    Originally posted by ilovedessert
    Hi all, That is why I ordered egrips, at They are a self stick but easily removed set of grips that stick on to the back and sides of the phone with cutouts for lens etc.
    Well, I had been thinking of marketing a similar product, but looks like egrips beat me to it.

    Here's what you can do, for relatively cheap. Buy the rubber replacement tennis racket grip tape at Sportmart. Buy double-sided tape next door at the office supply store... and presto, you've got customizable grip tape. The double sided tape has to be replaced every 4 months or so, but the price is right.

    On my Treo 270 I've got a couple of strips across the back. It keeps it in the palm of my hand, keeps it from sliding out of my pocket, and keeps it from sliding around on a car dash or desktop. You should definitely consider this if you carry your device in your pocket.
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    Originally posted by lenman
    While getting out of my truck I reached for my T600.; grabbed it and quickly jumped out of the truck.
    In slow motion I realized i had grabbed the wrong end of the standard Treo case and the phone whipped out and skidded bumping along the concrete like it was racing down the Colorado rapids. My T6 hit a depression, flipped and came to rest on the curb.
    I quickly picked it up and rubbed it hoping to cure any ill effects.
    Quick check it lights, Menu, 5way work, off hook speaker phone and I hear the beautiful sound of Dual Tone Multi Frequency. I hang up…half hour later I get a phone call, I put the phone to my head and nothing. Hello, Hello nothing. I press the speaker phone and I can talk.
    Bad Ear Piece.

    I take it to the local sprint repair store, wait in line for at least 50 min.
    The tech takes the phone, checks it out. Then gives to the tech in the back room.
    Another 40 to 50 min. They tell me its broke, they have no replacements and call HS.

    Moral… Get A Case Quick
    Ordered from Vaja...heck yeah, it is expensive as you know what...especially since I got all kinds of cool add ons. But is for my phone, yeah?
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    HI as soon as the egrip arrives I will apply it to the bnody of the phone and report to you all here about with at least 2 postings oen for when I 1st put it on and another after I try it for a while. take care, all, Jay Ps it it will take a while apparently from what egrips tells you when your sale goes thru is that each one is custom cut and it takes 3 weeks. Therefore I Have about 2.5 weeks to go.
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