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    Is it just me or does it seem like the Treo 600 (Sprint) is not achieving 4 hours talk time/10 hours standby? Granted, the T600 is so cool that I'm using it a little more than I did with the T300 but it doesn't seem to be almost double the battery life as its spec would indicate. T300 was 2.5 hours talk. Known issue?
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    I don't talk much on my Treo (300 or 600), but I spent over 6 hours last night beating the heck out of Vision (pulling down multi megabyte video clips, installing software, ring tones.. etc), and the battery was at 20% when I put it back on the charger. That's at least twice as good as the 300. I'm more than happy with the battery life so far.

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    the newest release of pocket-tunes beta allows streaming audio from shoutcast - I spent at least an hour and a half listening to streaming and was down to 70% off a full charge at the start -

    the whole time I was listening, I was also playing games & browsing the web intermittently

    I am truly happy with my batt life seeing as how the 300 would have exploded within a 1/2 hour of constant web usage like that!
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    The battery life of my Treo 600 has been as good, or better than my Sanyo 5300 that my wife now uses. I would get three days max use with normal usage, and two with heavy usage, and this was with the extended battery. With the Treo I could go 3 days of heavy usage, and four of normal. It may be able to go 10 days if I didn't use it at all, but what fund would that be. For a color, backlit screen, the battery life is great from my experience.

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