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    How fast can you type, and what is the error rate like?

    They keys look so darn small! I don't know how well I could type on them.
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    Originally posted by Im So Unpopular
    How fast can you type, and what is the error rate like?

    They keys look so darn small! I don't know how well I could type on them.
    It works fine for me. Not sure of what my WPM would be, but I have no problem keeping up with IM.
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    I will say that the keyboard is definitely small! But with a little practice you'll suprise yourself how fast you can go. A little about me -- I'm 6'4" and can palm a basketball no problem -- that should give you an idea how large my hands are. Yet I can type faster with fewer errors on the T600 keyboard than I could using graffiti. I even had a race with a friend who used graffiti to enter a sentence into his T-Mobile XDA -- I won. However, he beat me using the powerful handwriting recognition software.

    Gotta go back to that infamous phrase though, "Size matters" and putting anything bigger than the Treo up to your head to talk is uncool. The keyboard may be small but the smallish size of the whole device more than compensates.
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    Same here. The keyboard is small and it's take some getting used to, but I'm pretty good at keeping up with IMing(Verichat rocks!) and whatever else I need to do with the keyboard. The only problems I have are with punctuation such as the comma and the apostrphe because you have to use the option key to do them otherwise, I type along at a fairly speed pace.
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    I like the 600 keyboard much more than the 300. The 600's keys have better feedback and requires less pressure. The 600's key spacing, being closer together, requires less distance traveled by my index finger and thus I think I can type faster. The keyboard, being more compact, has made it easier for me to "know" the position of the keys without being able to clearly read the legends. Sort of partial touch typing.

    I checked myself with fitaly and avg 18 wpm and if I try hard got up to 24. This from not much practice or milelage on the thumboard.
    I will check myself on fitaly with the 600. Should be interesting to see if I do indeed type faster on the 600.
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    It is definitely a smaller keyboard, and I notice it if I happen to be heading toward two close keys in the center with both thumbs, and sometimes I think I'm getting a little more fatique in the fingers after lots of typing than I did on the 300. But.. the error rate is very low. They clearly have an algorhythm to detect misplaced keystrokes, and it works very well. 99% of my errors are spelling, not from fat fingering.

    I don't have a problem with most punctuation, although typing in a URL with 4 underscores _ in it was a major pain in the ****.
    Func S ALT Enter ugghh..

    It does lend itself to one hand typing a bit better.

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    Where the keyboard really shines is in daily use, of things that might not seem obvious or useful until you HAVE the device in your hand.
    For example - looking up phone numbers: mash the phone button (no flip to open), hit two, <maybe> three letters, hit the center of the nav, and you're done. All one handed.
    Going from app to app - the favorites make that simple, and again - easy to do with one hand.

    Of course, the text function with the keyboard is awesome (in fact, I got out my 300, and that keyboard seemed lethargic and old-fashioned, now that I'm used to the 600).

    It is great - you'll love it.

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