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    Since the treo 600 apparantly is about the same size as the iPod, numberous people have reported using iPod cases.

    that I am after in a case is one that is no a flip case, nor one that makes the phone accessible from the case. I want it to simply protect the phone, while having it ay my side.

    When i want to use it, i would like to take it OUT of the case, and keep the case attached on my belt.

    I found this product for the iPod that seems to do just that, but i would like to see one made for the T600 specifically...

    Anyone else used iPod cases that can provide feedback/ If i cant find a sleeve like this for the T600, i'll just get this one for the iPod.

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    Isn't that just like the case that came with the 600?
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    yes except the one that comes with it doesnt have a belt clip at all...
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    I think you might be interested in the Nutshell cases. I had one for my 300 which I am now using for the 600.

    Several have reported that the 600 case is nothing more than the 300 cases with some extra side stitching to "tighten" the case up a bit for the slimmer profile of the 600.

    I am using it without the extra stitching in an "upright" (not horizontal) position and it's just fine.

    Try here:

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks for posting this. This comes closest to what I'm looking for of anything I've sen to date. For me the ideal holder would be a sleeve identical to the one that comes with the T600, but with a detachable swivel clip. The Apple iPod case clip won't detach or swivel. The nutshell case won't detach or swivel either. 95% of the time, I have my T600 in my pocket, so I need to be able to remove the clip.

    I lost the case that came with the T600, and since then I've just had it naked in my pocket with nothing but a screen protector. If I conclude that that works, I may just stick with that and wait for what I think would be the ultimate solution: a plastic holster clip into which you could put the unit with the screen facing your body.

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    I'd be interested in other feedback too on just not bothering with a case at all and (maybe) just a screen protector. I was happiest using my old 300 this way as well.
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    Originally posted by rbienstock
    [T]he ultimate solution: a plastic holster clip into which you could put the unit with the screen facing your body.

    I think that the Nite Ize iHolster would work, but they don't make one for the 600. I've asked them if they plan on developing one, but they haven't responded yet. Maybe if enough of us inquire aobut it, they might create one?
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    the tuff-as-nuts case is GOOD, however it doesnt have the swivel clip i am looking for... Other than that, it is a near match. I will probably end up getting the iPod case mentioned earlier.


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