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    So I have done the BC update on my T600, I have Biz Con software running on my desktop and running on my treo. However every time I sync the treo it brings up a alert that I have to click "ok" on before it allows me to sync. Its totally annoying. It says that there is an update waiting and I should go to the website to get it...

    How do I get rid of this notice and is anyone else experiencing this???


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    BigCB37 - Hmm.. I have not seen this one. I assume you say you are getting this upgrade notice on your device? If you acknowledge the dialog what happens? Does it keep coming up? Just to double check on your T600 if you look at Settings -> About Biz Conn it says
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    No, the upgrade notice is on my PC. And I have double checked both the verion numbers and I am seemingly upgraded.

    I have no idea what the problem is...
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    ok... so just to confirm.. you get this message at what point on your PC? Is it when you start and stop the desktop connector?

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