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    Just curious what software is included w/ the Treo as well as what accessories. I know there is a belt clip / slip case and sync cable - but what about SD card or anything else.

    Also - what software shipped with the Treo and how much of it was full versions v.s. demo copies that you need to pay for?

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    Answer to this question has been posted at least 3 times in the forum. go search for it.
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    Kevin from Handspring here. Perhaps I can help. SD card is sold separately and software titles that come are full versions, not demos. For anyone interested, this comes from the Handspring site:

    What's in the Box
    Your Treo 600 smartphone comes with:
    AC charger
    USB HotSync® cable
    Hands-free headset
    User manual
    Synchronization software CD ROM (Windows & Macintosh)

    This, along with a list of the software titles included, can be found at

    Hope that helps!
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