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    Originally posted by navinrjohnson

    But maybe we're ok.... up until now, I have only used my Treo 600 for Vision PCS services and e-mail (no audio streaming or use with a laptop for internet yet), and I have already used 22mb in two weeks. I thought that was pretty high. I can't imagine use for 24kps audio streaming would grossly add to our PCS usage.

    In addition, I can't imagine those using their Treo for streaming will be doing it for hours on end. At 24kps, it's fine for when you're sitting on a train, in an airport, maybe in the car, but if you're in front of a PC with internet access, there are much better options. [/B]
    I agree with most of what you said, except the sentence in bold. At 24kbps (kilo bits per second) you rack up more than 184KB (kilo bytes) per minute and more than 11 MB per hour. So an hour of listening would add at least half of what you have used so far and two hours would double it. Sustained data transfer even at a slow rate can accumulate to high numbers compared to intermittant use even at higher rates.
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    Mvoice works really well with the T600 or T650. You can even record your phone calls.
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