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    Hey everybody this battery is killing me. Is there any way to get a better battery for this phone. I charge it all night and I start talking and 30 minutes later it's in the red. That's my only problem with this phone.
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    I had the same problem I could charge it up full and the next morning without even using it it would be dead. Got a replacement and you can run it all day and it wont go dead. It is suppose to have a 10 day batter if not in use. Return it!!!
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    If you T300 is not under warrenty. Try this.
    There are lots of T300 on EBAY.
    So get yourself two for $10.00
    Then take the covers off and get the battery and then you can make s minor adjustment on you old Treo by cutting the case of the ebay units so they will fit over the back of the your current phone.
    Now take the power leads and connect them all together.
    pay close attention to the lead colors.

    result... THREE Times the battery storage. You won't have to recharge till the end of the year.

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