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    I live in NYC and want to be able to view the subway map on my treo whenever I need it. I do not want to pay for software that has a map, when I can just go to this site to view it using the web feature. Since it is a rather large picture (I have to use the Wide Page Mode feature), and it takes a minute or two to load up, is there a way to save the page to the treo's memory so it loads up instantly.


    UPDATE: Turns out you can just save the webpage to the treo's memory (and it shows up in your favorites as a saved page), but when you bring it up again it does not come up in Wide Page mode (the way I saved it). It seems that you can't have a page load up in Wide Page mode.
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    I use a handy little application I found for FREE called METRO.
    You can download the appl, install the city/cities of your choice.
    It has helped me more times than not to get from point A to point B on the trains here in DC. I use the one for Atl when I travel there too. So far so good.
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    Just install acrobat reader for palm, then save the .pdf map at

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