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    How can I extract or download or copy (or whatever) all the ringtones on my T600 to my computer?
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    It's surprisingly easy.
    Copy the MIDI_Ringtones.pdb file out of your \Program Files\Handspring\<username>\Backup directory to some other location.

    Go download this utility
    and extract it into the same directory you placed the pdb above
    and from the command line run
    PAR x MIDI_Ringtones.pdb
    Poof.. a bunch of files appear with .pdr extension (palm database record).
    Do a
    RENAME *.pdr *.mid

    And you're done. I just now tested this, and verified that every .mid played correctly, so I know it works.

    I slurped a whole bunch of midi's from various sites last night to use as ringtones, or just because they were entertaining music. Check out (made it easy launch point for the Treo 600 so I could download them directly)

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    Actually, I just tried this. I extracted all the files then did the rename and tried to open them with WiMP as midi files - no luck - the player could neither recognize or play any of the files.

    Any ideas?
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    hi, i extract all the midis from midi_ring_tones.pdb, but how can i add my Midis to these file??? i try only extract the midis, add my midis, rename all to .pdr and add midi_ring_tones.pdb (pdr -a mymidi.pdr midi_ring_tones.pdb) but donīt work...

    can you help me please....
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    I would ssume that you'd just add them like you add anything else to the Palm. Bring up the hotsync installer by itself, and add the .mid files there, and when you hotsync the Treo should recognize that they belong to the ringtone manager and add them to the pdb in the phone. There may be a way to do it with PAR, but since I haven't tried it, I can't say for sure.

    As for not being able to play the .mid files you extracted. Gotta be a glitch in your execution of the procedure for extraction/renaming or the app you've chosen to play them with doesn't like MIDIs.. . I tested and double checked that it works. I use WinAmp to render .mid files on my desktop and it plays every one of them fine.


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