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    I can't find these apps on my Treo, even though they went throught the install process. Also, how can I put word and excel files from my desktop onto my Treo. With my PPC, there was a shared folder that I could put documents into.
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    I am having the same problem, I cant seem to find Word to go even though It installed correctly.
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    Me too. Anyone shed any light on the subject?
    Mulled over Smartphone but now a Treo 600 owner
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    deleted 'em in favor of quick office.
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    Download Filez and turn off the 'hidden' bit of the two apps. As far as document editing, I'm not sure you can do that with the version that came with the Treo. It's a viewer only, and accessible only by transfer from another program (like SnapperMail). The registered version allows you to open docs from the SD card and save them in native formats too. I'm not sure if that works with the viewer.

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