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    I received my 600 from Handspring two days ago, and signed up as a new customer for Sprint. However, I live and travel most of the time in a roaming area, and the nearest Sprint towers are about 10 miles away. I get a good roaming signal through Verizon, but the phone is useless as it doesn't allow me to make outgoing calls - and of course doesn't allow me to sign on to the Sprint data network. Incoming calls are OK.

    I've called Sprint customer service and technical support several times and they're all scratching their collective heads. Only rational suggestion from one of the TS guys was that the roaming agreement with Verizon was not active in my area on the Central California coast, and even though I'm getting a strong roaming signal, it doesn't mean anything if the agreement isn't effective here.

    Anyone else having this problem? And is there a fix? Or is there someone at Sprint I can talk to to resolve the problem?

    I've got the packing box all ready to return the phone if I can't get some help on this forum, as the Sprint support has failed me.
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    I got the same thing when I was out of Sprint's coverage area. I got a message from Verizon when I tried to make a call saying I needed to see up an agreement with them. My roaming charges are 50 cents a minute so I never really pursued it though.

    Did you ever call Verizon to find out what the deal is on their end?
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    I did call Verizon and talked to a fairly knowledgable rep. He explained that it was more Sprint's problem, as it would be necessary for the Sprint techs to contact Verizon and request changes in the local switch software to accomodate me. The Sprint folks didn't seem to be able to understand that, so I've just packed the 600 into its box and will be shipping it back to Handspring tomorrow and cancelling my Sprint account. Very nice smartphone and I like all the features, but I'll wait for the GSM version, which I prefer anyway.

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