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    Anyone out there have (or able to create) a ringtone for the T6 based on the CTU telephone ring on the show 24?

    It's that time of year . . . . .

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    LOL found this ring this morning!
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    I wanna know too!! (what a great show!)
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    Thanks for the replies. Still haven't found the perfect ringtone, but we're getting there.

    Worth checking out, but not as good as the one above:
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    Heck yeah! Thanks a LOT. I love that show......let's hope he can kick his habit
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    Thanks SO much for the CTU ringtone!
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    Yes 24 is great.. the first TWO episdoes were...

    WAIT .. Only ONE has been on yet....

    Well, I had an advance of the 1st two (unlooped even lol)...

    Just wait for a cool lil twist in the 2nd episode.... at the very end.


    PS - Can we take votes as to which episodes Nina Meyers returns and Shrry Palmer returns?!
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    Originally posted by PeterGibbons

    LOL found this ring this morning!
    How do you get it in the treo using hotsync?
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    I just remembered I missed the season premiere of 24!
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    Originally posted by MikeRadio

    How do you get it in the treo using hotsync?
    Just go to the page in blazer - hightlight the picture, and download to your phone!!!!!

    I should have guessed that all these treonuts would be 24 fans also!!!
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    Well CTU did use the Handspring Treo 300 in the last season. I wonder if they'll be using the Treo 600 this season or if we are to expect that their phones aren't any better in 3 years.
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    where is this show?
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    Originally posted by bradschmidt
    where is this show?
    Fox Tuesdays at 8 PM East.

    And is there as way to loiad ringtones with SYNC.. NOT with Blazer??

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