Just Recevied my Treo 600 phone yesterday, exactly one week and a day after placing my order on Handspring.com (8-21-03).
I called to activate new service lastnight and the lady wouldnt give me the promised $100 service credit from Spring for signing up for a 1 year contract. She told me that I have to get the service credit from the manufacturer not Sprint, very confusing because on Handspring.Com it says its clearly a service credit from Sprint. Anyways I didnt get the service credit......
....But this morning I went to the Handspring.com website and saw that the Service Credit is given by Sprint. So I called Sprint again and told the Sprint operator my problem, with absolutley no problem, she gave me a service credit of $100.00
I guess some people at Sprint know what they are doing, others dont. If you dont get your service credit on the first try, just call back and try with someone else.