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    Sorry for another post, but this is more direct and to the point.

    I have seen some info, and want Graffiti to work on the T600.

    I assume that once you install the old school Graffiti 1 on the T600, it would only work if you have the Graffiti area (like a Visor had). need to install Graffiti Anywhere on the T600 as well.

    Here is a link to the Graffiti Anywhere stuff

    As well as the link to the rumored Graffiti 1 install/work around.

    WHO HAS DONE THIS AND HAS IT WORKING? Can you please share your info.

    Please don't resond with New Pen or Jot solutions, I am looking for a Graffiti 1 solution. THanks

    sbono13? Didn't you get this to work?

    Thanks a lot, matt burkhard
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    Took the post right out of my fingers!! YES, I too would like to know if anyone has tried it.

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    It was pretty straightforward:

    -install GA
    -Get Graffiti 1 files (Graffiti Library.prc,
    Graffiti Library_enUS.prc) from an older Palm device (I couldn't find them on my Visor Deluxe, even in ROM), or from
    -Hotsync G1 files to SD card -- do not Hotsync to internal memory
    -copy G1 files to internal memory
    -run GA, and old-school Graffiti will work

    Since I am not too bright, it took me a few minutes to figure out that you need to press and hold the selected hard button (default is phone) to enable GA. The button and behavior style can be changed in GA prefs.
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    So what was the purpose of buying this phone?
    It doesn't need Graffiti. Why not buy the Samsung SPH-I500 instead the screen is better and you need to use the stylus.
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    Originally posted by badMojo69
    So what was the purpose of buying this phone?
    It doesn't need Graffiti. Why not buy the Samsung SPH-I500 instead the screen is better and you need to use the stylus.
    No, it doesn't need Graffiti. I use the keyboard the majority of the time and I wouldn't buy a device without a keyboard. However, in some cases, Graffiti is preferable. I find that in the rare cases that I needed to get the stylus out, I then want to use Graffiti, not the keyboard. Also, in some settings, e.g., when you need to write without looking at the keyboard, Graffiti preferable.

    It's great to have choice. Many systems have multiple input methods because of similar reasons to the ones above. Why does MS Windows continue to maintain a pretty complete way to navigate without a mouse? Many people don't know it exists but I can operate Windows almost completely without a mouse if I wanted/needed to.
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    So what was the purpose of buying this phone?
    It doesn't need Graffiti. Why not buy the Samsung SPH-I500 instead the screen is better and you need to use the stylus.
    Do you have a problem with having a choice?

    Perhaps you haven't noticed, but there are a goodly number of apps that are not yet compatible with the 5-way nav, so the stylus still gets some use. Once it is out, sometimes it is just easier to use graffiti for a couple of characters than to move my fingers back down to the keyboard.

    Besides, some of us here are geeky early adopters and hack stuff just because we can

    And... last time I checked, the i500 was still a flip phone, and still didn't have external storage, OS5, etc.
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    I will try this, thanks. Matt

    Don't feed the trolls...LOL
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    i do have the original graffiti working on my treo600. MassSpecGeek's description is spot on. i actually beamed the 2 files from a sony clie-- only OS 5.0-5.1 devices have the necessary files, so download the zip file in this thread if you think you'll ever want it! I will add that once you have the graffiti 1 files installed, the keyboard help in the various menus launches graffiti help instead, so memorize those keyboard shortcuts!

    After installing the graffiti 1 files, you can use either newpen or garffiti anywhere to write on the screen. I prefer graffiti anywhere in almost every way, except that i hate to dedicate a hard key to acctivating it. I know that you can set GA to require a long press of the key to activate, but the timing is picky (if you hold the button down too long, it launches the button's primary app). Newpen has a better activation scheme, IMO (tapping on the shift arrow on screen), but it has it's own quirks. For instance, with "single tap recognition" switched on, Newpen only seems to rercognize strokes if they are drawn on a text field... this is fine in memo pad, but in verichat, as an example, you have to scribble your strokes within the two lines of text given.

    Either way, graffiti 1 is much better than graffiti 2, and neither of these screen write utilities seemed to work consistently with the included graffiti 2 libraries, so definitely make the switch!
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    Well...It seems to work just fine. I like all the options that Graffiti Anywhere gives you. I also enjoy using the "old school" graffiti again too.

    I could not find the Palm Quick Intall tool (Is this the same as the install tool in the Palm PIM? If so, I could never change the destination location). So I used my JumpDrive Trio to get the files on to the SD card and then used FileZ (neat .prc BTW).

    Other then the auto cap not working (discused in another thread), I am 100% happy. Thanks.... :shortcut:
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    Yea, I wish the timming was not so picky for the "hard button". I did go in to the GA advanced settings and turn apps like Memo Pad and To-Do to Always on, that way, I don't even have to activate it.
    Just my 2-cents, Thanks again for all the help everyone, Matt
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    set it up as described, and it works perfectly! thanks! but I think that GA crashes my treo everyone in a while. has anyone had that experiences?
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    I did the "downgrade" to G1 also. Since I don't have an sd card yet, and didn't want to hassle with installing RamDisk, I just emailed the two files to myself and clicked on them in the email.

    It seems to have worked fine for me.

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    I just installed the latest version of Graffiti Anywhere, and I get the "old style" graffiti on my Treo 600's screen without having to install the old Graffiti 1 library files.

    Can anyone else verify this, or am I missing something here.
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    The Graffiti 2 library comes with the Treo 600, and it was G2 NOT G1 that I had working with Graffiti anywhere.

    So, yes...DUH!! need the original G1 library files!
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    Got Graffiti 1 working again, thanks to this thread. Question, how do you enable punctuation using Graffiti Anywhere? The usual "tap" doesn't seem to do anything but move the cursor position.

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    I would like to try Graffiti 2 on my Treo 600 :-)

    Can someone send me the following files from his/her OS5 device?

    Graffit 2 Library
    Graffiti 2 Library_enUS
    Graffiti 2 Prefs
    Graffiti 2 Prefs_enUS

    Thank you
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    Do an angled stroke form bottom right to top left. Then do the normal stoke for the item you want (ie "h" for #). BTW, a pieroid (.) is two of the angled (form bottom right to top left) strokes.

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    I would like to find out the diffrence between Graffiti 1, 2 and Anywhere? Which one will work better w/ treo 600? Thanks
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    Graffiti 2 came about due to a lawsuit from Xerox or something dealing with G1(unistrokes).
    Graffiti anywhere, lets one use G1 or G2 to input data, but not just using the graffiti area(which the Treo600 doesn't have anyway), you can use the dispaly too. So writing on the left side of the dispaly gives alpha and the right is numbers and the middle can be used for caps, if you set it that way.
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