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    Anybody know where I can get a copy of the graffiti1 files...I don't know anybody else with a palm...(can you believe it in this day and age). There was a post back in November where a treocentral member posted the files but that link is no longer active.

    I would really be eternally grateful for any of you who could email to me or post for the group if that is possible.

    I am attempting to use graffiti anywhere with the resident graffiti2 and it's a nightmare.

    I tried all the other handwriting recognition software at handango and palmgear and they are just as bad, although TealScript is at least useable and probably the next best thing to graffiti 1...actually it may be better if it was not for the cursor timing issues.

    I'm still in mourning over not having a Apple Newton word recognizer that was pretty darn good in its last incarnation..where you could actually write words anywhere on the screen and have the Newton transcribe instantly (after words) or later when you had time to clean up....but I'm just blabb'n.
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    Yes, look at the third post in this thread.
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    Muchos Gracias!!
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    de nada! :shortcut:
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    Hey guys, thanks a lot. I was able to put it to work too except that I used SyncWizard and PalmDisk rather than PInstall which I couldn't get to work.

    I'm happy now. Salamat! (Tagalog for Thank you.)
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    Thanks, Everyone!

    I checked out the PalmInfocenter link and it looks like I'll need to get a couple original Graffiti system files from somewhere or someone:
    Graffiti Library.prc, size: 30k, creator: grft
    Graffiti Library_enUS.prc, size 22k, creator: grft
    Graffiti Library_esES.prc, size ???, creator: grtf (i need because I', Spanish)

    Can anyone post them, e-mail them to me, or point me to where I can download them?

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    Hey, I'm reviving this thread to ask folks if this process (which is very helpful) works for the Treo 650. I'm moving from m515 and must admit, I'm having graffiti withdrawals. Though I'm going to wait to install Graffiti to see if I can "learn to love the keyboard". So far, I'm much happier with just the keyboard than I thought (to be honest -- here goes my ignorance -- I didn't know the Treo's did not have graffiti until I got my 650...). Thanks for any input.

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    I have not tried it on the 650 yet, but paln too, I agree, this is a good place to have this thread
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    I have tried the same method that worked on the 600, and also the same method but renaming the Grafitti files to match what is in 650memory. Niether worked. I have not tried anything else since those attempts.
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    Has anyone else gotten Graffiti +/or Graffiti Anywhere to work on the 650?
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    Those files are already on your T600...all you need to install is GraffitiAnywhere. Graffiti 2 came on your T600, with no way to access it.

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    Are those files also already on the 650 and has anyone tried to install GA to access them?
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