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    Just got off with a CSR at the new palmone Handspring.
    He said that the Gsm 600 will not be out today, but it will be out shortly. i asked if it will be this week, He said it is possible but not sure. He asked me if I wanted a specific carrrier or unlocked phone. He took my name annd number and said he will call me back as soon they are released. First time a CSR asked for name and number to call back to complete the order.
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    I also called PalmOne and the Rep said she did not know the release date of the GSM version and offered to take my name and number. She said it would not be released today.

    When I told her that Cingular was already seliing the device, she was very surprised because they were told the GSM units would be available through PalmOne first, before the carriers.

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    More vagueness. CSRs know jack.
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    Just callled back CSR I spoke with and mentioned that Cingular has it on the web site. He said he had heard that and does not understand it. I asked well is it possilbe Palmone is waiting until 9:00am PST time to release. He said to be honest anything is possilbe and he will call me back then if that is the case. The CSR's can get an update any time during the day to tell them that it is out. It is onlywhen management deciedes.
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    Originally posted by hockey Dad
    J First time a CSR asked for name and number to call back to complete the order.
    The Handspring CSR I spoke with this past Monday did the same and said it would be out this week or next (maybe Wednesday) which hasn't happened at least not yet.
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