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Answer me this question:

If there was a comperable PDA-Phone (same features) on the market today would you switch? I WOULD

I know there isnt one yet, but MY GOD.. this is a sign. They have capitalized on being the only ones to have this type of package long enough.. Its clear that the competition is in-progres of making products with the same features (keyboard etc).

PalmOne better get thier act together. Loyalty is GONE, all you have a is a cornered market.
Well, you make a great point...

The one thing that is a truism is that in the tech business, you can hardly EVER expect to be top dog. MicroSoft is the only exception, it seems.

There will come a time when someone will pick up on the Treo line and zap it to bits. I am betting that it will be Sony, the largest non-Palm provider of PalmOS devices that already has a big phone business.

And Handspring, PalmOne or whatever you are called - I cannot wait to tell you people aloha on the steel guitar.

Because this is NOT the first time you pulled this kind of scrap.