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    Hi all. I'm using SnapperMail on my Treo 600, and I just discovered it doesn't support group e-mail lists due to the the way the Treo handles e-mails in Contacts. To wit, separating multiple e-mail addresses using commas in a Contact entry makes the address book break them out individually. I can put as many e-mail addresses as I want in a single line, but when it comes time to compose an e-mail, I still have to chose each address individually.

    I have a group of 25 that I have to send e-mails to on a semi-regular basis. Does anyone know of a hack or workaround that will let me choose all these addresses at once? Thanks.
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    i am just about to buy snapper mail and I assumed you could group email. I also woul dlike ot know away around it, before I decide to buy it! take care, jay

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