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    Anyone out there charged an additional $100+ acvtivation fee by Sprint when activating T600 purchased through HS as part of upgrade offer to existing Treo owners?

    When activating T600 Spring CSR stated that I would be subject to activation fee for upgrading phone within contract period. Cited upgrade offer by Sprint and HS and got the "oh, okay" but the first bill came after activiting T600 and there it is: Balance Adjustment" WTF???

    Did I gloss over the fine print in eager anticipation of upgrading to the very smooth T600.

    Please tell me it isn't so!!!
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    it shouldnt matter where you get the phone....cause i buy phones all the time..activate, deactivate....say in the past month...4 phones. with the treo being the last. out of the 4 phones...only 1 of them from sprint, and 1 from radio shack. the other 2 are just from connects. so i dont see why this phone would be any different and they would have to do some 'adjusting'.
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    To the tune of $114 bucks on top of my regular monthly rate?

    I paid the $400 for the phone, transfered the phone number from the T300 to the T600 and can't use the 300 once the 600 is provisioned, which occured within hours, so it's not like I'm using additional services from Sprint.

    What justifies such and exhorbitant adjustment?
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    if this is the case, i'll FREAK OUT, high-school white-boy style.
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    I know that Sprint has a new policy of charging the $36 activation fee for ESN swaps on Vision phones, but what was the extra for?
    Many people have posted stories about how they talked the CSR into waiving the activation fee. Sometimes this is dependent on how long you have been with Sprint, the rate plan you are on, and your payment history
    I would call back and try to find a sympathic CSR who will cancel the fees.

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