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    (Sorry if this has been posted already. I searched and came up blank.)

    Never saw this one before.

    Seems to be PDA optimized, too.

    Interesting and critical review of Orange GSM T600.

    Treo Video for Kinoma, too.
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    Nice review.
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    Originally posted by baguion
    Nice review.
    Best review I have seen. Objective and informative; no hype. Good screen shots.
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    I especially like the photo comparison with the 2 Nokia phones.
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    Originally posted by he8mydog
    I especially like the photo comparison with the 2 Nokia phones.
    Agreed. It so happens that I have one each of those Nokia phones. I got them out and played with them, along with my 270, to get some sense of how the 600 will feel in my hand. I always liked the feel of those phones better than the 270. I sometimes use them just for that reason. Very comforting experiment.

    I know that some have complained about the weight, I prefer heft, of the 600. I hope that it has the same solid feel as those Nokias.
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    I cant download the kinoma trailers on the site.

    Does anyone know how to contact the site author?

    The review is excellent.
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    Hi, I am the site author, and it is my review.

    Sorry about the broken links. I wrote the review, and got so much interest that I spent half an hour knocking together a CSS template for it then changed its web server. In the process some links got broken (even DW isn't perfect).

    I am working on making it more handheld friendly. Blazers CSS engine is a new one on me and I don't know its foibles yet.

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