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    If you order your treo 600 within the dates above, lets keep the thread alive (the status of your treo shipment of when you actual get it into the palm of your hands) HS just emailed me a couple of minutes ago. Im at the Awaiting Shipment status. I ordered on the 21st around 8:17pm. I placed an order of a side case, headphone, and the unit. Do you think we will get a Palmone or a Handspring logo?
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    I'm in the same boat. Ordered late night Oct. 21, just got a "awaiting shipment" email today.

    I can't wait.
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    Ordered 10:00am 10/22, currently "Awaiting Shipment"
    Don't drop your phone in the toilet. Seriously.
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    same here. I ordered noon 10/21 and I am awaiting shipment as well. Hope it ships today!
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    Placed 10/22.

    Got "awaiting shipment" email evening of 10/28.

    let's all post when we get "shipped" emails!
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    Here too. Ordered on 10/21/2003 at 11:09:34 AM. Got the "Awaiting Shipment" last night. I'm still awaiting (and checking the HS order status page every 2 mins). I'm hoping I get lucky and this thing ships today or tomorrow; otherwise, Monday it is.
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    I order mine mid-day (mountain time) on 10/20 with next day delivery and received it Monday morning, 10/27!
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    Ordered mine around 2 central time on the 21st. Got the awaiting shipment status last night. Will it ship today???
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    Ordered around Oct 21st 8pm Eastern, standard shipping.

    Oct 21-28: Order Received
    Oct 28 afternoon: Credit Card Approved
    Oct 29 afternoon: Awaiting Shipment
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    Just passing 24 hours since I recieved my "awaiting shipment" status.... No shipment yet. This is so hard.
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    How long do they typically stay in 'Awaiting Shipment' before they are actually sent out?

    Would it be reasonable to assume that if it was in that status yesterday that it should have shipped today?
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    Still "Awaiting Shipment".
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    Ordered mine on 10/21. Spoke to someone at HS today who said that it may be "sometime next week" before they finally get shipped. Ugh.
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    Still........ "Awaiting Shipment" Maybe it will change after 12:00 this morning. Im actually out of a phone right now as of yesterday. My adaptor is screwed up. I'm unable to sync nor charge, in other words its broken. At lease I can get voice mail for now. I was going to be a gent and give the 300 to my girlfriend. Now she is mad and so am I only intill few days that is. At the moment I'm still searching for another 300, now that sucks.
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    Just checked this morning and I'm still "Awaiting Shipment" -- Why does this seem like the longest week for me???

    Aaaaaargggggh!!! I NEED MY TREO
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    The "Awaiting Shipment" wouldn't bother me so much if they had not charged my card too. Everything they did implies that it should have shipped Wed or Thursday. Now I wont get to play with it this weekend. What the he## is going on over at Hand...palmone? This is ARGH!!!
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    Has anyone that ordered their phone on the 21st gotten it yet? If so, when?
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    Ordererd Oct 22nd - still awaiting shipment.
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    According the the HS site....

    If your placed your order on:
    October 20-22
    We expect to ship your order on:
    October 30-31

    If your placed your order on:
    October 23-on
    We expect to ship your order on:
    2-3 weeks from order date

    I ordered on the 22nd and it looks like this isn't going to happen. And this has been posted since they knew how many orders they would get as of the 22nd. It seems that HS has dropped the ball. Of course Sprint and BB seem to have plenty of phones, go figure!?!?!
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    BTW... I ordered on the 22nd and have been sitting at "awaiting shipping" for three days now!
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