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    The "Awaiting Shipment" wouldn't bother me so much if they had not charged my card too.

    You should definitely complain about this. They stated they wouldn't charge your credit card until it shipped. But before you complain too loud, I received my phone on the day after it went into "shipped" status, even though I didn't pay for overnight delivery. So maybe it has shipped and the status is lagging behind what has actually happened.
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    I called and talked with a nice young lady at Handspring just a couple of hours ago (she sounded good looking as well...but I digress).

    Anyway, she stated "maybe two more weeks". I said WHAT??!! I told her of their web site saying that since I ordered on 10/22 to expect shipment yesterday or today...she says 'oh'?

    Long and short is that Handspring is very aloof and not saying much. Maybe we are inpatient, but I want to get my new phone!!
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    I just checked order status and it says shipped.

    It's 6:33pm in phoenix.

    I originally ordered on 10/21/2003 10:32:53 PM w/ the upgrade in shipping.

    So would I get this Monday? Damn! Wish I would have it over the weekend to play with...
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    I just checked my status (**cough** for about the 5th time today) and it is SHIPPED! I was beginning to think I would never see that beautful word!

    Hopefully, I will get it Monday. I had overnight if that means anything.

    It is now really -- a Happy Halloween!

    P.S. I hate to be obsessing but a friend of mines who is also waiting on his Treo suggested I check my bank acct. and the charge is still "Pending". Is this true with anyone else who just got the "Shipped" update? The charge has been in a Pending position since "Awaiting Shipment". Anyhoo......
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    Mine also has shipped... I got the notification minutes ago. It's sceduled for arival monday by 3. Paid for the next day shipping.

    My 5th treo 300 is on it's way out. It isn't charging properly. I hope it will make it though the weekend. haha...

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    anyone who ordered thee 22nd get shipped?
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    Same here - delivery projected for 11/3. I get the whole "next business day" thing, but is it too much to expect that HS "might" front the extra charge for Saturday delivery given all the hassles?
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    Ordered mine 10/22 - 8am, still shows Awaiting Shipment.
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    I ordered mine 10/22, about 9 AM EST. Still "Awaiting shipment".
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    Ordered on 10.22 and still says "awaiting shipment", but you 21st guys give me hope that it might ship on Monday!
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    Ordered 10/22 - 8am.

    Shows Shipped - this morning.
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    Order Number: XXXXX-XXXXX
    Order Date: 10/22/2003 05:48:12 PM
    Order Status: Shipped

    Billing Information:

    Product Description Unit Cost Qty Subtotal Tax Total Status
    Treo 600 with USB cable - Sprint $399.00 1 $399.00 $0.00 $399.00 Awaiting Shipment

    Order Subtotal:
    Tax: $0.00 +
    Shipping: $8.50 +

    Order Total: $407.50

    has only the box shipped?
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    Ordered 10/23. "Order Received" this morning The waiting is killing me ("the horror, the horror" )
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    Ordered on the 22nd. Don't know what time, probably mid-afternoon eastern time.

    Status as of yesterday afternoon - AWAITING SHIPMENT. Status as of this morning - SHIPPED. I also paid for next day, so I hope to see it Monday.

    One additional note - I did not receive an email notifying me of shipment.
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    Ordered October 21st. Here is what my tracking record looks like: (If only we were in my husband's home town of Memphis).

    Nov 1, 2003 1:59 am
    Arrived at Sort Facility

    Oct 31, 2003 7:52 pm
    Arrived at FedEx Ramp

    6:42 pm
    Left FedEx Origin Location

    11:55 am
    Picked up by FedEx

    9:50 am
    Left FedEx Ramp

    **Bottom line: Delivery Monday by 3:00
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    I got my SHIPPED email this morning too, but this is what the Fedex Tracking Number gives me:

    Oct 31, 2003 10:45 pm

    Pickup status


    Package received after FedEx cutoff time

    Estimated delivery to my home in California: Nov. 5. It is progress, but so very painful.
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    I got this message today:
    "Your palmOne ( order has been shipped"

    Finally, I think the fact that I ordered one from Amazon must've "greased the wheels." I should have my Treo in a few days!

    BTW, Amazon has the T600 $599 with a $200 rebate.
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    Ordered on 10/22...

    Mine has also shipped, but was after the cutoff time for fedex so it will be as if it went out Monday. I should have it Tuesday. I'm looking forward to setting it up and replacing my 300 which has a glued flip lid and a battery that lasts 24 hours at most. It's 1-1/2 years old.
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    Woke up to an email received around 4am from Handspring...ORDER SHIPPED! I ordered on 10/22....
    "...There is no try..." - Yoda
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    Ordered Oct 21st around 8pm Eastern. Got my "order shipped" email this morning:

    Service type Express Saver
    Estimated delivery date Nov 5, 2003 by 4:30 pm

    Oct 31, 2003 10:45 pm
    Pickup status
    Package received after FedEx cutoff time

    So it looks like I'll be receiving my phone two days later than I would've with next day shipping. I don't feel so bad about going cheap on the shipping any more.
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