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    I tried to download the windows Pocket Tunes Skins Complier file from the Pocket Tunes website and when I try to open it I get nothing but CRC errors. Can anyone email the file? Thanks.
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    When it compiles it it makes it into a PDB file for download and use on a palm. Why would you want to unzip it?
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    The problem is the windows zip file downloaded from the Pocket Tunes website. When I go to unzip the compiler and the bmp graphics there are some files that are corrupted or at least are giving Winzip a fit becasue the CRC values do not match therefore the files can not be unzipped. I am NOT trying to zip up the programing to complie the PDB. I was looking for someone to email me the windows zip file from the website. Thanks.
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    I have the file. Sorry for the diversion.

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