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    i just got my 600 from mobileshop last week and i think the front speaker on it is knackered. When i ring someone they can hear me but i can't hear them unless i put it on speaker phone.

    Has anyone else had this problem? is it just some setting that needs changing or am i gonna have to get a replacement?
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    I had this same exact problem. I got my T600 about 2 weeks ago and it worked flawlessly for about 3 days. Then I noticed I couldn't hear the person on the other line.

    Speakerphone worked and plugging in the supplied earpiece worked. After many calls with Sprint CS and visiting local stores they got me a replacement.

    As far as I could tell it was a faulty speaker and it just died.

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    I had the same problem. When I got the phone last week, it seemed like the sound quality was ok. Within a day it sound was horrible. i use the speakerphone because of this problem. How easy was it to get a replacement from Sprint?
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    Originally posted by Myron S. Steeve
    How easy was it to get a replacement from Sprint?
    It wasnt all that hard to get a replacement. When I first noticed the dead speaker I called Sprint CS. After describing the problem the rep put me on hold while he did some research (he didn't know much about the phone since it was so new as i figured). When he came back from hold he offered me %10 off my monthly bills and told me to take it into a local Sprint store and they would replace it.

    I had my worries about this since I knew no local sprint store was going to have it in stock, but I played along. The next day I took it in and had them look at it. As I suspected they were amazed I had the phone already and had no clue about replacing it. They offered little help telling me to call back Sprint and have them order me a new phone. About all they did was confirm that my speaker was dead and inputed that into their "system".

    Went home, called Sprint CS again and after being on hold for 30minutes the rep located a local sprint store that had the T600. She arranged for me to pick it up from there and swap out my faulty phone.

    The whole process took about 2 days to get a new phone. If the local store didnt have it they would have overnighted me a new one.

    Good luck getting your replacement!
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    I am having the same problem, however, I had problems synching the phone last night. Could it be a software issue?

    Can I reload the phone application?

    Hope I don't have to wait for a replacement.
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    Originally posted by sritcey
    I am having the same problem, however, I had problems synching the phone last night. Could it be a software issue?

    Can I reload the phone application?

    Hope I don't have to wait for a replacement.
    You can't "reload" the phone application. nobody has it as a .prc file. You can, however do a hard reset.
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    Well, my GSM Treo front-speaker's just died too. Nearly two weeks since I bought it, no drops, bumps or any mistreatment.

    It sounded fine yesterday. Today when make a call, people can hear me but I can't hear them. Works fine when I use the rear-speaker, or the earphones.

    Going to see about a replacement tomorrow...
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    I have same problem here and got my phone from mobileshop. Because i'm outside 28 days they are making it really painful. Saying I have to go to the manufacturer now (which they call Orange, but I would have thought it would be handspring). Basically they are being incredibly unhelpful which I think in the UK at least is illegal.

    I would recommend not buying from mobileshop unless you have orange insurance - otherwise if you get a problem you are unlikely to get help getting it fixed.
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    Ha! I am finally returning this phone. I've had enough of this horrible reception. Don't believe the lie fellas, it is not a faulty speaker/earpiece, it is just BAD HARDWARE!!! Even the good T600s will have mediocre reception/clarity at best. I had a treo300 before and it was way clearer than the T600. The treo600, I cannot understand my friend when he's talking to me when I'm at the mall, or if I'm on the highway, or I'm in my apt. It may be party T-mobile's reception sucks, but even my parents who call from a lan line, the reception is only mediocre at best. The treo 300, if someone called from a lan line, they came in CRYSTAL clear, and I would be in Walmart also. Try receiving a call a Walmart, see how good you can hear the other person. That is a test of your service provider/reception quality. At best I can get like 2 bars, and very hard to hear reception. It is even worse at my local mall. Can understand a WORD my friend is saying. He uses a Nokia 3650, that awesome camera phone. Which by the way can do EVERYTHING the T600 can, and MORE. It has video camera, mp3 ring tones, BT, maybe slower in typing, but not like you do power typing on the T600 anyways. AT best you can write short emails and take short memos, IM, and type in URLs with the T600, but anything more than that and it gets tough and impractical. So I'm glad this phone is going back, I think an alternative is to go back to small cool cell phone and REAL pda, with a REAL sized screen and REAL resolution 320x320. However, I dont think pdas have internet though. If they did, I would very much consider carrying 2 devices. Did you see the screen size on those HP pdas? nice! now only if you could have Wifi on that, it would almost replace a laptop.

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