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    I'm looking for a recommendation/pricing information for the following problem.

    We are a small firm (<75 employees) that uses Microsoft Exchange for our email server.

    We have a core group of about 5-10 users who have mix of Treo300s and now Treo600s.

    We can't use POP accounts and want to synchronize with Exchange mail accounts. Solutions that require Pc client to be logged on are problematic because we have a mobile workforce that uses laptops.

    I've done some preliminary investigation regarding Sprint Business Connection Enterprise Edition and Visto, who sound like they have the technology. But its almost impossible to get price quotes from Sprint for something so small (and what I've seen suggests >40 users), and Visto wanted about $20/mo per seat. I'm also not sure how their enterprise solutions compare.

    Anybody have any experience with the server-side solutions for serving email to Treos that will play nice with Exchange?
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    Take a look at Good Technology and GoodLink.

    Expensive but sweet.
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    BrillantMistake: BizConn Enterprise Edition definitely will meet your need, if you have 10 users. B/c it's deployed on the server-side, no need to keep your laptops connected to the network.

    It's too bad you couldn't get pricing from whoever you talked to at Sprint, b/c my Sprint rep here in Ohio was able to tell me right away that list pricing is $10/user/month, plus no up-front costs. I think that's about 1/3 or maybe 1/4 what Goodlink costs (*after* you pay them about $3000 in upfront costs....).

    I didn't see that BizConn EE pricing on the Sprint website, but there is a sales-contact form -- my guess is if you fill it out, they'll have someone local call you right away:
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    Also forgot to mention, since you made reference to Treo 600s and Treo 300s: BizConn works with Treo 600s and Treo 300s (and PPCs) -- Goodlink just works on Treo600s.
  5. #5 has done this for years. they make a client and server product. It supports attachments as well.

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    because good software needs to use one way SMS to wake up the phone and queue the push of the email on the GSM network, this means that they have to test with each carriers SMS gateway and protocol-

    what does this mean? you wont see goodlink for gsm any time soon.
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    OK, let's pick everyones brains for another situation:

    In my company we have Exchange, but everyone has differeint carriers (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT) and different devices: Treo 300/600, T-Mobile PPC phone. Is there anything out there that we could install on the server and client that would support this, and push Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar to these users?

    Good won't (no T-Mobile PPC Phone support), Sprint BC won't (no multiple wireless carrier), Coresoft won't (no PPC platform support).

    Am I just on a hopeless cause?

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    We use OWA for Exchange and this little utility. It is cheap and integrates perfectly with Exchange (as it was meant to do).
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    Originally posted by Maniac8888
    We use OWA for Exchange and this little utility. It is cheap and integrates perfectly with Exchange (as it was meant to do).
    I second this. Great Platform independant solution that works through your browser. Blazer works particularly well.

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