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    Grabbed this info from pdaphonehome. Bascially another update with better support for Treo. Installing it now on my treo. Here's the link.
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    Hi, i have been using this for a few days, it is my first experience with datebk5! It works with the 5way, but there are display anonolies, that the owner knows about since he also ownes a t600, it was just posted on a few hours ago. take care, jay
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    I have been using DateBk4 on my prior Palm "forever". But I haven't yet installed DateBk5 on my new Treo 600...

    The Calendar app built into the Treo 600 seems to have almost all the important DateBk functionality in it. Given DateBk5 has some "display anomolies", my questions for you all:

    What features do you get from DateBk5 that are not in the built-in Calendar app?

    Are there any features you lose? or bugs you gain?

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    The ability to choose snooze times. I've become very spoiled at being able to adjust my snooze times with Outlook and so I expect the same with my PDA, but the built in Datebk just wanks there. I can't think of any others that I use except maybe icons associated with events which is insignificant. I'm not exactly a power Datebk user. I have not seen any loss of features. Bugs gained? I'm sure there's some but I haven't really seen them with what I do. The worst thing about Datebk5 is the partial integration of the 5 way support. In some places, it works great and in some, not at all. That's frustrating. I'm also somewhat disappointed with the alarm functionality. Datebk5 uses its' own alarm subsystem and therefore it doesn't have access to all the standard system midi sounds. You can disable the alarm within Datebk5, but then you loose the snooze functionality and revert back to the way the built-in DateBk works. I'm hoping that the developer will provide more support for the system sounds with the DateBk alarm routines that he's written. I've also noticed that Treo Alert Manager doesn't seem to work with Datebk5 is using it's own alarm subsystem. Yet another disappointment, but all ones that I will live with to get my snooze ability. If I didn't have the ability to set a variable snooze time, I'd probably miss half my meetings.
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    I've used DateBk5 and Agendus. DB5 doesn't add much IMHO. Personally I like Agendus because it has more view choices & an integrated POP mail client. For example, there is a "Today" view that shows you the number of unreaed emails and also a summary of your appointments & todo's. There are dozens of other useful view types also. Having said that, DB5 has support for the 5 way NAV - Agendus does not. Also Agendus does not support hyperlinks for phone numbers or URL's within the email client or calendar. Supposedly 7.0 will provide this.

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